Wolves 17th April 2017

When I arrived back from the Newcastle game I found I was wide awake for most of the night so only had a couple of hours sleep, probably due to buzzing about our ending to the game. Last night I found I couldn’t sleep either due to an active mind, but also knowing I’d to be up early as we were heading to Selby market first.

Although I was intending getting to the Peacock before the game, due to not getting to the ground until 2.35 pm I decided to just go straight into the ground. I headed in with my granddaughter Hannah as my daughters Michelle and Dani followed with my other two granddaughters Laura and Alexis. We weren’t all in the same stand today but the little ones were looking forward to the game.

As we got into the stand we headed to behind the goal where I was meeting Shaun Stone and his girlfriend who were here from London to celebrate his birthday. The last time Shaun was here he was able to see everything but unfortunately now wasn’t able to due to deterioration of his vision. Already this morning they had been on a tour of the ground and had met some of the players so I’m glad things had gone well. After this I was waiting at the front of the stand to see little Olly from the West Midlands coming out with the team. He was one of the mascots in a proud moment for both him and his dad. Olly has had many hurdles to overcome over the years and is now able to play football too, something that was beyond him for a long time. A great day for all concerned regardless of the final score.

The team today was Green, Jansson, Bartley, Berardi, Ayling, Bridcutt, Roofe, Pedraza, Wood, Phillips and Hernandez. Subs were Sacko for Bridcutt, Taylor for Berardi and Doukara for Pedraza. Attendance was 32,351 with approximately 1,000 Wolves fans.

Conditions were pretty good as the sun came out but Wolves won the toss and turned us around to attack the Kop in the first half. Although it hasn’t impacted on us too much in the recent games when this has happened, for once it didn’t take long to realise that this was going to be a long afternoon. Wolves had come to attack us and put us under pressure and we couldn’t cope with things at all.  I got a sinking feeling very quickly and just expected Wolves to score first although I hoped if that happened we would be able to come from behind and still win the game. It was noticeable that we were playing deep again and that things weren’t working out in our midfield. We had Green to thank once again for another brilliant save before we woke up after the half hour mark and started to attack ourselves. We had shouts for a penalty turned down when Bartley was fouled in the area and it looked as if we were up for a fight only for things to take a turn for the worse. From a Leeds attack with Jansson still upfield, Wolves countered with their own attack and put the ball into the net to put them into the lead just before half time. This felt very predictable though and my worst fears were realised sadly.

We started the second half on the attack and looked lively for a while. We had another claim for a penalty turned down for hand ball (memories of Wolves playing pat a ball in the penalty area at Molineux in 1972 came flooding back!) before coming close with a couple of chances. I just felt there was no way we were going to score as my fatigue set in and I was glad when the game came to an end. It was a disappointing game and overall I think we played very poorly.  More often than not our passing was poor and didn’t reach our players. We did start attacking more once Bridcutt then Berardi were subbed, but despite the number of corners we had we couldn’t beat the first man most times. A great corner in would have put their goalie and defence under pressure but we failed to deliver.

As we headed to Billy’s statue for some photos as we were too late to get them when we arrived, I started talking to a lad from Barlow who reads my blogs. We both have had trauma in our lives and it is good when people open up and talk about things as I think that is a great healer. I am always approachable and have broad shoulders for chats like the one we had. Our result today has meant that we have come out of the play off positions on goal difference. Despite me thinking we only had one game left for some reason, there are still twists and turns to come with all the teams in contention. Whether or not we get into the play offs I cannot say as only time will tell. Many fans have faith we can do this whereas I will take each game as it comes and try not to jinx anything by saying we can definitely do it!

Burton away beckons on Saturday and it will be my first trip there as I was on holiday the last time we played a friendly there. Another new ground to add to the many I have visited over the years. Our last home game the week after against Norwich, then Wigan away as our last game means we will shortly know out fate.  Whatever happens, with the season ticket renewals out we will get ours sorted as soon as we can as the money has been saved up ready to go. As Leeds United fans we know there are always ups and downs where we are concerned but I would much prefer to go up automatically than through the lottery of the play offs. Unfortunately as we have no choice in the matter, our outcome will be provided for us. See you at Burton – LUFC – Marching on Together!