Rest in peace Mick Bates

More sad news from Elland Road with the news that another one of our legends from the great Don Revie side has died. Mick Bates was an integral member of that side with his loyalty and commitment shown. I know he has been ill for some time and my thoughts are with his family and team mates today.

Mick, like all the other players in that team, had a great rapport with us fans. He lived in Sykehouse and I lived in Carlton, both near Goole.

When the troubles on the terraces at away games were at their peak, he arranged for my friend Sue and I to pick up some complementary tickets at Newcastle. 

I last saw him with Eddie Gray at the Plantation when the SLI were raising funds for Don Revie’s statue. I will never forget his kind words of encouragement, telling me I should write my first book Follow Me and Leeds United.

Rest in peace Mick, you will never be forgotten.