Nottingham Forest 14th March 2015

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A day where we shared the points which I was happy to take in the end. Although there wasn’t alot to shout about during the game, there was a good atmosphere from the biggest crowd of the season. Over 30,000 were there including approx 3,000 from Forest.

We didn’t create too many chances throughout the game and most of the time Forest were contained. They did look a threat at times though and Silvestri made a couple of good saves to keep them out. He nearly dropped a clanger when Bamba told him to come out and get the ball whilst trying to shield it from the Forest player. Silvestri hesitated but then came out and luckily got the ball, when at first it looked like a deja vue moment as per earlier in the season.

The referee today though was terrible. The amount of free kicks he gave to Forest for any challenge at all were undeserved and also for booking four of our players. I think he needed to borrow my glasses as he seemed to forget that football is a contact sport and you can challenge for the ball!

Although we didn’t score today and Charlie Taylor came close in the first half, we are at least playing football again and managing to pass the ball to each other. Whilst not perfect by any means, we have come a long way since we played Derby away. On that day I thought there wasn’t a future for us in this division and that we would be certs for relegation. Well done to Redfearn, Thompson and the lads for turning things around. The positives are that we kept a clean sheet again and didn’t lose. Onwards and upwards, Marching on Together!