Ipswich v Leeds United 5th May 2019 at Portman Road

After hearing Bamford had got a two game suspension for simulation after the Villa game by the FA it came as no surprise that Hourihane from Villa had got away with the punch on Klich. Because he stayed on his feet it was deemed not a punch, surprise, surprise. Leeds put in a defence for Bamford asking for the ban to be lenient due to us letting Villa score. That should never have formed our defence as I still maintain that goal should not have been handed to them on a plate. Instead we should have asked for Villa to be brought up for bringing the game into disrepute by attacking our players and punching Klich for scoring a perfectly legitimate goal and playing to the referee’s whistle. As video evidence appeared on social media showing the punch on Klich, there was no excuse for not charging them. Also on view was Villa scoring a goal with a Stoke player down recently, where Villa happily took the goal.  When the boot was on the other foot they didn’t make a fuss at all and showed how two faced they are.

As for today’s game, it may have had no meaning, but it always had the typical Leeds United banana skin waiting as Ipswich were already relegated and we needed one point to confirm our final place as third in the Championship. As usual we lost against 10 men, missed a penalty and let Ipswich score three goals. After a 4.30am get up well, what’s another kick in the teeth? Thousands of Leeds fans still turned up to celebrate our season and had been in good spirits with plenty coming down for the weekend but many coming for the day only. As it turned out we ended up third as both Villa and West Brom lost, with Derby taking the last play-off spot to be our opposition in the semi-finals with the away leg first. My publisher is a Derby fan and as I want Leeds to go through and win these ties plus the final at Wembley, please let him be the disappointed one. Whatever happens, we have to do this even if it is the hard way.

The stewards were very friendly letting my go downstairs to the front of the stand to put my flag up with one proclaiming he was a Leeds fan too. I caught up with the documentary crew too and had a chat with them before realising I was being filmed again oops!

The team: Casilla, Ayling, Cooper, Jansson, Klich, Forshaw, Roofe, Phillips, Harrison, Dallas and Hernandez.  Subs: Clarke for Harrison (61). Leeds lost 3-2 with Klich (45) and Dallas (76) scoring for Leeds. Attendance was 20,895 with 3,963 Leeds fans.

Leeds took the game to Ipswich and played some good football, the only downfall being our final weak passes that allowed them to clear the ball and when we did have a shot, we didn’t get any on target. As the game went on we started being too casual at the back and Ipswich came close to scoring before Forshaw had a shot saved by their goalie. I could see that we were giving Ipswich hope and that was going to be dangerous for us. The next thing Casilla raced out of his area to the wing as Ipswich attacked but there was no way he was going to get anywhere near both their player and ours. As he brought their player down my heart sank as I thought this was another sending off for him but luckily for Casilla, he received a yellow card. Why he keeps doing the same thing though I have no idea but he really needs to think about what he is doing as this was costly for us once again. With Ipswich scoring from the resulting free kick, what could be worse? I’m sure I’d seen a stat about them not scoring or winning for a long time and these stats usually change when they come up against us. We did still try and came close when Roofe had a shot blocked before a further attack just before half time saw Klich hit a strike from the edge of the box into the net. That was a relief to know we’d scored just before the break.

Sadly we didn’t keep the impetus up because within a couple of minutes of the second half starting Ipswich scored a second goal. That was just what we didn’t need! When Clarke came on as sub we upped our game and started attacking more, coming close with the ball flying all over the box but without us putting it into the net. An Ayling cross once again brought a second goal for Leeds after Roofe had hit the bar before Dallas got onto the end of it to equalise. Someone said we’d settle for a draw and I said no we would go out to win. When we were awarded a penalty and their player was sent off, Roofe got hold of the ball to take it. My only thoughts were to make sure we scored from it. Well it certainly didn’t go to plan as Roofe slipped as he went to take it and the ball flew over the top. Another penalty miss and another one that wasn’t even on target or bringing a save out of their goalie. To say we were never awarded penalties in the early part of the season, now we have missed four out of our last six penalties. Once again this proved to be very costly for us as Ipswich scored three goals in a single game for the first time this season, scoring three goals from three shots on target (courtesy of @LUFCDATA). With another mix up in our defence between Ayling and Casilla, Ipswich were able to get the winner just before full time.

As playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow, I’m just glad that I have got the auto cup scheme for both home and away tickets. Although I would be guaranteed a ticket for both legs, I don’t have the hassle to worry about. Good luck to the Leeds United youngsters in their game at Elland Road tomorrow. I won’t be attending this time as I jinxed them at Guiseley recently making them lose and I want them to win. Who knows what the playoffs will bring against Derby but we must do it the hard way once again. Surely it will go right for us this time, please ……….? One thing is for sure, we’ll know soon enough.

The good thing about today was being with others, supporting each other and catching up with sleep. With friends going through similar issues to me at the moment with family members, I wish them all the luck in the world. Personally, we made some progress with my husband this week taking one step forward then two steps back. Keep fighting everyone and that includes Leeds United! See you at Derby – LUFC – Marching on Together. 

Heidi Haigh – A fanatical Leeds United supporter of over 50 years

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