Hull City 23rd April 2016

My camera has started playing up at the Reading game only for it to die completely a couple of days ago when the zoom failed. I know I use it a lot but when it is less than a year old, it left me not very happy. At least I still had my previous camera to take with me today.

I had a good run to Elland Road and there didn’t seem to be much traffic on the road. After starting off in Billy’s bar we set off to Selby. After another good run we arrived there at 10.45 pm for our usual Weatherspoon’s pub stop. As Sue went in to get the drinks, I made my way to opposite the Abbey where my favourite ice cream Doubtfire’s was.  I certainly wasn’t going to miss this opportunity as it’s the best ice cream ever.

As I got back to the pub I waited outside for my mum and then we went and joined the others. Sue and I were reminiscing, as we both met at Selby High School for girls in 1966 and used to walk past the pub which was Everatt’s shop in those days, on our way to school.

We were leaving the pub at 1.15 pm to set off for Hull but couldn’t as we had lost one of our vulnerable members.  I had seen him come outside the pub but didn’t realise this was a problem at the time.  Many of us got off the coach to search for him including my sister who had turned up to take our mum back home. As it got to 1.50 pm the coach set off to leave with the lad’s dad being left behind with the Police. We got as far as the Abbey when a shout came from the back of the coach to say they had found him. What a relief so we pulled around the corner and waited for them to turn up to the coach. By this time it was 2.00 pm and we knew we would be pushing it for kick off. Luck was with us again with very little traffic as we headed to the bypass at Drax and back to the M62.  We even managed to get to the ground by 2.50 pm at the same time as a few other coaches.

At this time I realised that I needed to get in for kick off as Jack one of our young members was being mascot today. As luck would have it I managed to do that. Inside the back of the stand there sounded a great atmosphere.

The team today was Silvestri. Bamba, Cooper, Berardi, Taylor, Dallas, Bridcutt, Diagouraga, Erwin, Wood and Cook. Subs used were Botaka for Erwin, Murphy for Diagouraga and Coyle for Berardi.

It had been another nice sunny day and it was nice to turn up to a ground for once not expecting us to play badly. Hull were aiming for the play offs whilst we were hoping to spoil their party. It’s surprising what a difference a few wins make. I wondered who the Leeds fans meant when they sang you’re Leeds and you know you are.  I’d forgotten that Snodgrass played for Hull now. There was a great atmosphere on the terraces as well with everyone in good voice. This was made even better when on 15 minutes we took the lead. Wood passed the ball out to the left to Charlie Taylor who then crossed the ball into the centre and Wood was there to put the ball into the net. Hull put us under pressure and apart from one great save from Silvestri, we had managed to contain them. When they put up three minutes of injury time though for some reason we switched off and Hull equalised. Then with at least five minutes of injury time on the clock Hull took the lead. That was disappointing to say the least.

At the start of the second half Erwin was replaced by Botaka. I thought we had lost whatever shape we had and Hull seemed to be getting the better of us. We did though manage to go forward and were awarded a penalty when Charlie Taylor again managed to get past his man and was brought down in the penalty area. Wood took it but unfortunately for us it was saved by the Hull goalie.  Shortly after that Murphy was brought on to replace Diagouraga and we changed formation again but for the better. Tragically Berardi who had made a great tackle to deny Hull shortly before, was forced to leave the pitch on a stretcher after being tackled by a Hull player.  You could see he was in trouble straight away especially when he was hitting the pitch in frustration whilst laid on the floor. Bless him, although he was in pain he managed to wave to us when being taken past us. That’s more that can be said of the Hull fans who disgracefully chanted “w****r” to him and also threw things at him whilst being carried off on a stretcher. Normally in those circumstances players get a round of applause. With about 20 minutes to go the Leeds fans started chanting “We all love Leeds” over and over again, getting louder and louder. I am sure this helped the players and it was especially satisfying when Dallas hit a low shot from the edge of the penalty area with two minutes to go to equalise. Delirious scenes followed from the Leeds support and it was great to manage to see the game out with the score 2-2.

Take a bow Leeds fans because today it was like old school Leeds.  The first half an hour of the game was all us and the last 20 minutes plus some in between. I can’t remember having enjoyed a game so much for a long time and that was made by the singing and chanting. To me the Hull support was the quietest I’ve heard it and you never heard them until they scored, then went into the lead!

On our way back to the coaches a lot of fans were talking about being pepper sprayed at half time and how bad it had been. Also saying a young girl was in agony with it. I’d not heard or seen anything but it didn’t sound good.

We now have only two games left Charlton at home and Preston away. Although our season is over as such I hope we have can sample another taste of today’s atmosphere.  It has been missing for so long and I loved it today! See you at Elland Road next week – LUFC – Marching on Together!

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