Everton 1st August 2015

I had an early morning start from Devon at 5.00 am to get back to Leeds in time for this one. After getting back late last Sunday from the pre-season tour to Austria and Norway, I had been down to Devon for a short break with my husband. We arrived back at dinner time, and then I headed to Elland Road with my daughter Danielle.
It feels like the close season has passed very quickly. I handed over my away season ticket application then had a quick visit to Billy’s bar to see the new refurbishment. Billy Bremner always was and always will be my hero, so it is great to see the photos together with the words about the great man.
We went into the Peacock and started chatting to some Leeds fans and it was good to be back at Elland Road and able to have a laugh and joke with likeminded people. The heavens opened as the Peacock got quite packed with fans keeping out of the rain. It wasn’t too bad as we headed into the Kop at kick off. I couldn’t believe it though; as there were queues to get in and it ended up with us getting in right on kick off.
Everton had brought a sizeable following but with the South Stand not being open for this match, it was good to see the East and West Stands quite full as well as the Kop. Leeds were playing in their new all yellow away kit. It looks good, but I think you need a decent figure for it so I won’t be getting it! Plus I can’t afford it on top of the season tickets which will take priority.
I’m not sure of how many Everton players were in the first team especially when seeing some of the numbers of their backs, but Leeds actually played very well against them. It certainly gave a good feeling about next season, but obviously it will be hard in the Championship as everyone wants to beat Leeds.
About seven minutes into the second half, Leeds pressed forward towards the Kop and I thought that we had over run a move as Byram passed the ball to Mowatt. There had been a few more passes in the move before Mowatt slotted the ball home for our first goal. Wood also got off to a good start when he hit a shot that caught one of their players on the way in to score a great second goal. As everyone was celebrating we heard a roar and saw a streaker on the pitch who had come out of the Kop. He was dancing about a bit and then was taken off by the stewards but not before he swung his tackle about for the Kop. What on earth was he thinking of because no doubt he will get himself banned from Elland Road for this? I went to take a photo and just as I pressed the shutter, he turned round and gave everyone a full frontal view. As others have posted films and photos I will leave it at that!
It was nice to see us end our pre-season matches with a 2-0 win in front of a crowd of just over 17,000. Now we need to build on that and replicate it for the league. See you next week!

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