Eric Carlile’s funeral 2nd February 2018

What a fantastic send off Eric Carlile got today. He was secretary of the Leeds United Supporters Club for 50 years and on the Board of Leeds United for 10 years. Fans came from all over today to pay their respects to a great servant of our club with some from Norway, East Anglia and Wellingborough to name a few.

Some fans I haven’t seen for many a year and it was good to catch up. The frightening thing is that many of us have all grown up together as a group of friends since the early seventies, but you will never get such a fantastic camaraderie as we all have anywhere else.

Rest in Peace Eric, your family are lovely and from your Leeds United family, we will keep Marching on Together!

PS Don’t forget to join us and clap on the 50th minute tomorrow in Eric’s memory!!