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Jan 24 2015

Fan Ownership of Leeds United – 24th January 2015

I attended the Together Leeds meeting 2 today with an open mind.  I wanted to find out more about the Fan Ownership of Leeds United and had agreed to send a video in of me supporting this.  There were many familiar faces from the different fans groups such as The Supporters Club branches, LUST, SS5 …

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Jan 21 2015

Leeds United 1 Bournemouth league leaders 0 – 20th January 2015!

For the first time in a long while I predicted we would win! It would be a small crowd and expectations would be low so it meant all the indications would work in our favour! I am over the moon to say that we did indeed win the league leaders with a fantastic goal from …

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Jan 17 2015

Birmingham 17th January 2015

It took a bit of motivation to get going this morning, but I would still be going to Elland Road no matter what!  There was snow on the ground in Halifax before we set off, but it sounded like there wasn’t much in Leeds so there were no issues with the game being called off.  …

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Jan 10 2015

Bolton 10th January 2015

As this wasn’t too far away from Halifax, it made sense to drive there.  This meant a leisurely morning and my daughter and I got to Bolton in plenty time and parked near the Beehive pub. We went into the Beehive pre-match and it was nice to meet someone who had got my book Follow …

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Jan 04 2015

Sunderland 4th January 2015

An early morning start at 5.30 am after a sleepless night wasn’t a good start, only to find it was -4 and it took me 20 minutes to de-ice the car.  On the way to Leeds, BBC Radio Leeds were asking about superstitions so I tweeted a message once I had parked up.  I told …

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Dec 31 2014

Derby 30th December 2014

Met up with the publisher of my books Follow Me and Leeds United and Once a Leeds fan, always a Leeds fan before the game.  He is a Derby season ticket holder and we met at their statue.  I wouldn’t include that in the pictures because old habits die hard!  We went into this game …

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Dec 26 2014

Wigan 26th December 2014

Where do I start? An actionless packed first half where we were the bearer of a Christmas gift to Wigan with an own goal by Cooper. Although when the cross came to the right of us in the kop, there didn’t look to be any danger and I thought the ball should have been Silvestris. …

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Dec 21 2014

Forest 20th December 2014

Over the top stewarding, turnstiles so tight it’s a wonder anyone got through them, plus going back to the dark ages by having bars of soap in the loos!  Now I’ve got those bits out of the way I’ll concentrate on the game.  With the game being live I’m sure many have already seen the …

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Dec 14 2014

Fulham and Leeds Christmas party 13th December 2014

A very disappointing defeat today. I know we had a few chances in the first half from Byram and the great header from Mowat, but I couldn’t shake off the fear that Fulham would score every time they came near our penalty area. Although neither side did well in the first half at least we …

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Dec 07 2014

Ipswich 6th December 2014

The early morning start at 6.15 am was treacherous ice and -3, eventually getting home to Halifax in good time at 9.30 pm to +6!  Another great day from a fan’s perspective minus 85 minutes of the “football” in between!  We had a great start to the match after 4 minutes going a goal in …

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Nov 29 2014

Derby 29th November 2014

After a very shaky start when we were under severe pressure and panicking, it was nice to see the lads grow in stature. We had a couple of misjudges between Silvestri and the defence but then they sorted themselves out. They managed to take the game by the scruff of the neck and it was …

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Nov 23 2014

Blackburn 22nd November 2014

Very disappointed to come away with nothing today. In the second half when we were still a goal up Redfearn should have made changes. Bianchi had started losing a few tackles and we could see what was going to happen, although I think we see a different game higher up on the terraces to down …

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Nov 08 2014

Blackpool 8th November 2014

A tale of two halves again but what a great performance in the first half! Going in 3 up was great especially as we had been turned round to face the kop in the first half! Unfortunately the second half didn’t live up to the first and although we conceded one goal, it was important …

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Nov 06 2014

Charlton 4th November 2014

A shame that we didn’t get our first 3 points under Redfearn although I thought we were going to do until the ref gave them a penalty! Fingers crossed we get the win on Saturday against Blackpool.

Nov 02 2014

Cardiff 1st November 2014

A long day starting at 5.30 am and getting home at midnight saw Leeds lose 3-1 with Mowatt scoring our goal. With Neil Redfearn in charge I was hoping for a better performance which unfortunately wasn’t to be. There is a long way to go but we need to start picking up some points quickly …

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Oct 25 2014

Wolverhampton Wanderers 25th October 2014

Another day with a game of two halves. All we ask for is 90 minutes of football, it isn’t too much to ask is it? After a first half where we looked in control for most of it, we capitulated spectacularly in the second half. Defending so deep was always going to invite the opposition …

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Oct 18 2014

Rotherham 17th October 2014

The first half looked promising but again a tale of two halves.

Oct 04 2014

Sheffield Wednesday 4th October 2014

Some nice football played today so glad to take the positives. Still some work to do but hoping we are heading in the right direction.

Sep 28 2014

Brentford 27th September 2014

An early morning start to get down to Brentford early for some of our fans who managed to get corporate tickets in the end. Back on the terraces for the first time in a long while but had a fantastic atmosphere in the first half with a proper WACCOE. Too late I realised where the …

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Sep 20 2014

Huddersfield 20th September 2014

Well what can I say about today? We saw some of the best football seen at Elland Road for a very long time together with a fantastic atmosphere from the Leeds fans! Seeing and hearing the whole ground (apart from the town fans) singing so loud and celebrating was great. Loved it and it was …

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