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Feb 10 2018

Sheffield United v Leeds United 10th February 2018 at Bramall Lane

Well it’s certainly never dull being a Leeds United fan after another week of sacking our manager and getting another one in. I know I was wavering last week after the defeat against Cardiff but I so wanted to see stability and things work out and knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. The lad stood next …

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Feb 03 2018

Cardiff 3rd February 2018 at Elland Road   

Yesterday saw a big gathering of Leeds United Supporters who came together to say goodbye to Eric Carlile. With fans arriving from Norway, East Anglia and Wellingborough and many others, it showed how well respected Eric was for his service of over 50 years to the Leeds United Supporters Club and to our members. With …

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Jan 31 2018

Hull City 30th January 2018 at the KCOM Stadium

Well what a week it’s been as a Leeds United fan. Seeing the club launch a new crest that was underwhelming due to it being a Leeds salute, this went down with the fans like a lead balloon. Now don’t get me wrong I love the Leeds salute and it’s something I do all the …

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Jan 14 2018

Ipswich away 13th January 2018

After last week’s disappointing effort and result at Newport which ended with me having swollen legs after a 15 hour round trip, the dread of having to go to Ipswich with half of the team injured made me want to forget it and not bother. Of course, it turned out to be a fleeting feeling. …

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Jan 07 2018

Newport County A 7th January 2018 – FA Cup 3rd Round

Up at 4.00 am to travel to Leeds for the coach to Newport shows the lengths us Leeds fans have to go to when following our team. For once some of the Thames Valley Whites will be setting off around 10.00 am as this game is relatively close for once, so really I have nothing …

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Jan 01 2018

Nottingham Forest 1st January 2018

I hope everyone has had a Happy New Year, a great night seeing in 2018 and are not feeling too rough today. Luckily for me as I stopped drinking alcohol over 30 years ago, I don’t have that problem but had a lovely evening with my eldest daughter and family: I laughed that much my …

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Dec 26 2017

Burton Albion A 26th December 2017

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas. Following the visit of Santa to Elland Road on Saturday, our kids got the surprise of their lives when he turned up on Sunday at our Christmas Eve celebrations on the way to deliver all his presents. Knowing Santa is a Leeds fan and the fact that …

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Dec 10 2017

QPR v Leeds United 9th December 2017

Up at the unearthly hour of 5.00 am can only mean one thing, a football away day with Leeds United. I daren’t have that extra 25 minutes sleep before my alarm was due to go off just to make sure I didn’t miss it. It was going to be a cold one today before all …

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Nov 26 2017

Barnsley Away 25th November 2017

Yesterday evening as usual I’d changed into my Leeds shirt to go to an event, any excuse to wear my colours. As soon as I walked in I heard my name shouted and then the Leeds salute done which I reciprocated. Later when we had a chat, although he wasn’t going to Barnsley (he’s a …

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Nov 23 2017

Wolves away 22nd November 2017

First of all I would like to give a big apology for forgetting to mention Wayne Ogden in my blog on Sunday who escorted me to Elland Road in his little yellow car. He recognised my beret as he passed my car and I recognised his registration plate so thank you lol!! Today was going …

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Nov 19 2017

Middlesbrough Home19th November 2017

It’s been such a busy week in the background. Monday evening saw me travel to Leeds to be in the Trust’s Podcast and it was nice to see someone tweeting about it from America. Also saw someone today who said they were the one who’d said it was a great listen so thank you. Yesterday …

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Nov 05 2017

Brentford away 4th November 2017

Good news with the fund raising for Toby Nye as £150,000 has been raised so only £50,000 to go; this should be achievable by Christmas with auctions and other events being done. I’ve also had an appearance on Radio Yorkshire Thursday morning where as usual I talked a lot. As I was told afterwards that is …

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Nov 01 2017

Derby County 31st October 2017

As we made our way to Elland Road I wasn’t looking forward to the cold, there again I think it was colder in our house than outside! After a quick trip to the ticket office and club shop we headed to the Peacock. I was meeting Garry to personalise the two books he was aiming …

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Oct 25 2017

Leicester City away Carabao Cup 24th October 2017

It was a late set off today but then ended up being even later as the coach we were travelling on had broken down earlier in the day, so we had to wait for it to get back on the road to take us to the game. Despite this and the traffic being quite heavy …

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Oct 22 2017

Bristol City away 21st October 2017

I can’t believe how quick my new book “The Sleeping Giant Awakens, Leeds United 2016-17 has appeared on Amazon and will be in the Leeds shop at the end of the month! Great stuff! As usual I will be getting a quota to sell and will autograph copies for those who want them through …

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Oct 14 2017

Reading H 14th October 2017

My new book The Sleeping Giant Awakens, Leeds United Season 2016-17 is in the final stages. Having got the draft back for proofreading yesterday, I was doing this late into the night yesterday and this morning which meant that the early start for Elland Road didn’t happen. Falling asleep all the time didn’t help though! …

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Oct 01 2017

Sheffield Wednesday A 1st October 2017

Yesterday saw us with free time with the game being tomorrow so I attended the Leeds United Supporters Trust meeting first and then headed to join other fans for our singing practice. Unfortunately because of the latter I had to leave the AGM before Allan Clarke spoke which was a shame. Allan is still as …

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Sep 27 2017

Cardiff 26th September 2017

You know the feeling when you are trying to help another Leeds fan get in touch with someone you know without success? I then tried to ring the number only for it to be unattainable, oh dear.  Mmm that had alarm bells ringing especially when I realised all the texts I’d sent to the “new” …

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Sep 23 2017

Ipswich Town Home 23rd September 2017

Waking up to the sun shining made it feel like a good day for football. As Leeds United have another sell out home crowd, today is going to be buzzing around Elland Road and I can’t wait. Talking of not waiting is my granddaughter Hannah. When I picked her up last night I didn’t even …

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Sep 20 2017

Burnley Away 19th September 2017 Carabao Cup Third Round

I was looking forward to the short journey to Burnley today as I was getting a lift with Jo and Carmel. When we’d parked up we headed straight to the cricket club and enjoyed sitting on the balcony enjoying the sunshine. There were quite a few people we knew in there so I took a …

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