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Everton 1st August 2015

I had an early morning start from Devon at 5.00 am to get back to Leeds in time for this one. After getting back late last Sunday from the pre-season tour to Austria and Norway, I had been down to Devon for a short break with my husband. We arrived back at dinner time, and …

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Leeds United fans singing in Norway pre-season 2015

Leeds fans singing in the Kultur pub in Lillestrom, Norway pre-season 2015 Marching on Together in the Kultur pub in Lillestrom – pre-season tour 2015

More photos from the pre-season tour of Austria and Norway 2015

Leeds United pre-season tour of Austria and Norway 2015

Day 1 – on Monday 20th July 2015 I had an early morning start at 5.30 am with my husband dropping me off at the airport to fly to Salzburg, Austria on the first stage of our European tour. Following Leeds United on the pre-season tour to Austria and Norway was to be an early …

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York 15th July 2015

An eventful day having nearly been wiped out on the way home on the M621! Some idiot decided that although the motorway was clear without any other cars in sight, to come into the second lane where I was overtaking. Just spotted them out of the corner of my eye and swerved out of the …

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Leeds Fans LLP – Meeting 11th July

Don’t fear the fans, work with us An update to where things are was held at Leeds Sports Centre today. Fans have raised £400k in 3 months which is the fastest and highest amount of money any fan ownership scheme has raised in the UK in that period of time. It took Rangers fans 15 months to …

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February 26th 2015 – BBC Radio Leeds interview with Liz Green

Harrogate Town 10th July 2015

It was nice to get back to football starting with the pre-season game at Harrogate. Standing on the terraces was fine but couldn’t see a lot of the pitch wherever I stood unfortunately, although I did manage to see Morison’s goal. A tale of two halves with different people playing and Uwe Rossler’s first game …

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April 1977 – newspaper article from the Daily Express – We’re Terrified

A big thank you to Ian Halmshaw for saving this cutting from 1977! This article was printed in the Daily Express just before we played at Hillsborough in the FA Cup semi-final.  It shows trouble we had a Liverpool when Karen got beaten to the ground after the match!  Sue had stopped going to matches …

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Rotherham 2nd May 2015

  With lots of things still happening off the pitch, we turned up for the last game of the season with what was to be a bumper crowd.  To say there was nothing to play for and at least we were safe from relegation, it shows what fantastic support we have at Leeds with 31,850 …

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Sheffield Wednesday 25th April 2015 – 2-1 to Redfearn, the team and the fans!

As we set off to our early kick off once again for our last away game of the season, I was hoping for some positivity to take us into the close season after all the turmoil over the last few weeks.  We knew there was to be a minute’s silence held all over the country …

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Charlton 18th April 2015

It was an early morning start to London for our game at Charlton.  Last season’s game here was one of those be there moments when McCormack scored 4 goals in our win.  How long ago does that game seem!  Once again the circus of Leeds United continues to be in the headlines for the wrong …

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Norwich 14th April 2015

After Saturday’s easy to forget performance against Cardiff I was looking for some improvement today.  I thought that because expectations would be low as well as the crowd, that we might sneak a win.  To be honest I didn’t realise where Norwich were in the league so as it turned out it wouldn’t be easy.  …

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Cardiff 11th April 2015

Before the game today I headed to the West Riding pub in Leeds city centre to have a reunion with the Selby Whites. For anyone who travelled with the Selby Branch of the Leeds United Supporters Club during the 1985 – 1992 seasons, they would have travelled with one of our members Steve Broomhead (Brush) …

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Leeds Fans CBS are LIVE

We are now accepting applications by post and Online. As you may have all seen on social media, we are now taking online applications into Leeds Fans CBS.  Please share this message with family and friends and ask them to tell all Leeds United supporters that they know as well.  As the last couple of …

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Wolves 6th April 2015

It was an early morning start for me today as I headed for Selby market prior to going back to Leeds for the coach.  After getting my Doubtfires ice cream which is the best around, I went back to my mum’s house first and nearly got taken out by a car coming round the corner …

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Leeds Fans CBS – online share applications now open!

Leeds Fans CBS is ready to take online share applications. Go and invest in our future ‪#‎wewantourclubback‬

Blackburn 4th April 2015

This was always going to be a poignant day for me as it is the anniversary of my daughter’s death.  Also with it being the 15th anniversary tomorrow of Chris and Kev’s murders in Istanbul which was going to be remembered with a minute’s silence, the day was to bring lots of memories back.  My …

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Leeds Fans CBS – investment now open due to demand!

We’ve been inundated with requests from supporters who want to invest into Leeds Fans CBS immediately instead of waiting until Tuesday. In response to this, we are going to bring forward the purchase date so that shares are available now. Any supporter who wishes to purchase shares needs to go to and read the …

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Leeds Fans LLP – now Leeds Fans CBS – offer document

We have now released the Offer Document for Leeds Fans CBS, which explains much more about Leeds Fans CBS, what we want to achieve, how we want to achieve it. You can read it here: If you have any questions, you can send them to us at – we will try and answer …

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